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Why Your Zip Code Matters

What State you are in matters for your car accident settlement, especially when there are degrees of fault.  Some State laws use what is called “Comparative Negligence”, so the amount of your settlement could be reduced directly by the percentage you were at fault.  For more on this check out the “Variable Fault Rules” below.

How Much Is Your Auto Accident Worth?

If you have been in an automobile accident, then it is only natural that you would want to know how much your claim is worth. After all, someone has wronged you by causing you physical and mental harm. Therefore, you will want to collect compensation for the things that you lost due to the accident. A personal injury settlement can get you the funds you need for your current medical bills, future medical bills, household bills, automobile repairs and more. You can figure a good estimate of such compensation by using this personal injury car accident settlement calculator. This auto accident settlement calculator is a great place to start, but ultimately, if you want to get the maximum value out of your auto accident claim, you should consult a licensed car accident lawyer.

About This Insurance Settlement Calculator

Many insurance companies and car accident lawyers rely on some formula to compute the compensation value of an automobile accident and injury lawsuit or settlement.  The most common formula we have found is as follows: Total medical expenses under $1,000 are paid at 1 to 1, between $1,000 and $10,000 uses a multiplier of 1.5x, between $10,000 and $25,000 uses a multiplier of 2x, between $25,000 and $50,000 uses a multiplier of 3x, $50,000 to $100,000 uses a multiplier of 4x, and over $100,000 in medical expenses is a multiplier of 5x,  then add that to the real property damage.  This is the formula the car accident calculator uses.  Bear in mind that this is only provides an anecdotal calculation and due to the nature of car accidents, injuries, policy holder insurance limits and other economic considerations, you should really consider consulting with a personal injury lawyer in your area for further advice.

While this again provides a good starting point, it is just a place to start.  Sometimes when gross negligence is involved there can be punitive or other damages awarded.  The calculation provided by this automobile accident settlement calculator is just a rough estimate, and you should consult with a personal injury lawyer, especially if you have sustained injuries. Sometimes pain and suffering you have experienced due to someone else’s negligence can inflate the amount which you can settle for, and under most circumstances, the more you pay in medical bills the higher the pain and suffering is a factor in the car accident settlement calculation.

If you choose to negotiate the compensation with the insurance company do not to admit fault.  Admitting any sort of liability will weaken your bargaining and negotiation position.  If the issue is raised, deny any liability and let the other side argue for reduction of the car accident settlement.

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How Much Is Your Settlement Worth?

The amount of the settlement that you receive from your personal injury case will depend on many factors. The best way to find out specific numbers is to call an experienced personal injury attorney to help you. You can use a car accident settlement calculator to give you a rough estimate of the settlement that you can receive. However, a reliable attorney can possibly get you more. Your lawyer might be able to help you discover losses that you did not realize you had before. He or she may be able to detect an extra amount of neglect that a judge may not appreciate. An experienced personal injury attorney can create huge increases from the amounts shown in the car accidents settlement calculator. The calculator is helpful for giving you some insight as to your case’s worth, but the numbers are not written in stone.

Factors That Determine Compensation

The judge will use a wide variety of factors when he calculates your compensation. He will want to know if the other driver was 100 percent responsible for the accident. If the other driver was not 100 percent responsible for the accident, then he may decrease your compensation by the percentage of the accident for which you were responsible. For example, a judge may reduce a $300,000 settlement to a $150,000 settlement if he finds that you were 50 percent responsible for the accident. Fault is one of the most important elements in a personal injury case. Our personal injury settlement calculator asks a yes/no question for fault so it can give you an idea of what you can expect.

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Variable Fault Rules Between States

In some states, you cannot be more than 50 percent at fault and still qualify for compensation. In other states, you cannot collect compensation if you are at fault just 1 percent. A personal injury attorney can help you determine if someone owes you money based on the percentage laws. The car insurance settlement calculator can give you an idea of what you would receive if the other driver were 100 percent at fault. It is up to your personal injury lawyer to calculate the variables so that he or she can develop a strategy to win your case.

Comparative, Modified Comparative, and Contributory Negligence States

The calculation of your car accident settlement could further be modified by the degree to which you were at fault in the accident.  There are 3 types of state laws: Comparative Negligence, Modified Comparative Negligence, and Contributory Negligence.

In purely comparative negligence states the amount or value of your award would be reduced directly by your percentage of fault. The list of Comparative Negligence States are Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Washington State.

In modified comparative negligence states the value of your award is reduced by your percentage of fault up to 50%.  For cases in which your fault is 50% or higher you cannot win a lawsuit, and therefore the insurance company isn\’t likely to settle with you.  These states are Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

In Contributory Negligence states you cannot win a damages in court, and thereby are unlikely to receive an insurance settlement, if you are found to be even partially at fault.  These states are Alabama, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

The Significance of Neglect

The next element that is important in a personal injury case is neglect. An attorney can help prove that the other driver was not looking out for your best interest when the accident happened. If your case involves a drunken driver, distracted driver, or reckless driver, then chances are high that you can receive an even larger settlement than what is stated in the insurance injury claims calculator. This extra funding is what is known as punitive damages. Punitive damages go hand-in-hand with compensatory damages, which is replacement funding. Compensatory damages can cover losses such as work wages, medical bills, therapies, surgery, auto repairs, household bills and the like. Punitive damages cover your pain and suffering. The judge orders them to punish the wrongdoer and deter him or her from performing additional dangerous behaviors. A judge will never award punitive damages by themselves. They always accompany compensatory damages. The pain and suffering calculator can help you to estimate how much your punitive damages could be.

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Settling With The Insurance Company

You can opt to settle with an insurance company after an accident. The insurance company will pay you out if you have been in an accident. Many times, however, the insurance company grants settlements that are less than desirable for a person who has just had his or her life turned upside down. The insurance company may not take into account your long-term need for continued medical care and treatment. The insurance company will not offer you funding for your pain and suffering. In some cases, you may not receive a fair amount for the replacement of your vehicle. The insurance claim calculator can help you to understand the amount of money that you should receive from the insurance company from your settlement.

Insurance Company Denial

In some cases, the insurance company denies a claim from an accident victim. The reason for such a denial might be a lack of evidence or a failure to disclose crucial evidence. The insurance company will consider several factors such as the police report, witness statements, repair estimates and more. The insurance company will not hesitate to deny a claim if it does not answer all the questions necessary to make a determination. A reliable attorney can help you to gather facts and important witness data so the insurance company will offer you an honorable settlement.

You are not obligated to settle with the insurance company if you are not satisfied with their offer. An experienced attorney can assist you by renegotiating with the insurance company for a larger recovery. This person can also assist you right from the beginning to avoid ever having to hear a denial.

Suing the Insurance Company

If you are not happy with the insurance company’s decision, then you can ask your lawyer to help you appeal. In the worst case, you may need your lawyer to help you sue the insurance company for not covering you like it promised. The auto insurance settlement calculator can help you to compare the money you would receive from the insurance company to the money you would receive from a personal injury case.

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About Car Accident Settlement Calculators

A car accident settlements calculator will break down every aspect of an accident so that you can see the potential of your case. The calculator will ask you about different sectors of your post-accident loss. You will have to estimate the figures and enter them in the input areas. The calculation will begin with your zip code. The reason your zip code is important is the percentage laws mentioned above. Different states have different potential, so this must be completed to provide you with an accurate calculation.

Medical Expenses and Future Medical Expenses

The next part of the auto accident claim calculator will ask for your total medical expenses and your future medical expenses. It is very important that you gather every receipt that you have for your medical care. If the judge rules in your favor, then you will receive a refund for your medical care plus extra. Your future estimated medical expenses are the expenses that you expect to accrue while you are healing from your injury. For example, if you have to attend 100 $50 therapy sessions over the course of the next two years then you would add $5,000 to the auto accident insurance settlement calculator. If you will have to rehabilitate in a facility for a certain amount of time, then you would multiply the monthly fee times the amount of months your doctor has recommended you receive help.

Property Damage Calculations

After you answer questions about your medical expenses, the next step is entering your property damages into the auto accident compensation calculator. Property damages could involve your vehicle damages, home damages, or damages for any personal items that you lost in the vehicle when it collided with the other one. Property damage compensation may include a wide variety of items such as electronics items, photography equipment, cell phones, trees, mailboxes and more. The property damage part of the personal injury claim calculator determines the amount the offender’s insurance company should reimburse you for your loss.

Lost Work Wages From the Accident

Every automobile accident will cause you to incur lost wages. Every day that you are homebound because of the accident causes you to lose a significant amount of cash. The auto accident compensation calculator figures the amount of work wages that you lost so that your attorney can help you to recover them. The calculator will also ask you about future lost wages. You can estimate future lost wages by multiplying your monthly salary by the number of months that your doctor recommends you follow treatment. The figure can also be based upon the estimate time that you will be incapacitated.

Establishing Fault

The personal injury claim settlement calculator will ask you about fault, medical attention and legal representation. It is always important for an automobile accident victim to seek medical attention immediately. Immediate medical attention looks legitimate in the eyes of the judge. Plaintiffs who take too much time getting medical assistance may not be taken as seriously by the courts as someone who went immediately to seek care.

When you are finished completing the pain and suffering settlement calculator, you will receive a ballpark figure for your settlement. It is up to you to contact a reliable attorney after that.

Start Calculating and Collecting Your Compensation Now

You can use the personal injury calculator to start working on your case. After you receive your estimate, your next stop should be at a telephone to call a qualified attorney. A qualified attorney can make sense of any figure that seems strange or unclear. You can make an appointment with a law firm by calling the dedicated number for the firm or completing an online form. Someone will be happy to assist you with collecting compensation that surpasses what the personal injury calculator predicted.

Can The Automobile Settlement Calculator Be Used As a Pain and Suffering Calculator?

In a sense, yes.  The amount of pain and suffering you experience after a car accident usually, although not always, correlates to the amount of compensation from your medical bills.  Generally, any time you have pain or suffering after an accident you want to go to the doctor both in order to get treatment and alleviate your pain, but also to ensure that the pain you are having is documented.  The bills accumulated can help calculate the pain and suffering settlement to which you are entitled.  Sometimes the amount of pain and suffering you have experienced is not directly shown by a hospital visit, and without this proof of your suffering, auto accident settlement amounts tend to be lessened significantly.

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Why Consulting a Lawyer Is a Good Idea

A wide variety of reasons exists as to why you should consult with an honorable attorney. The pain and suffering calculator for car accidents can only give you a rough estimate of what you may win in a personal injury case. It cannot win the case for you. Only a reliable, experienced and successful personal injury firm can help you to collect what is rightfully yours. A personal injury attorney will set aside a special time for you during which you can tell him or her about your case. This initial conversation is called a consultation. During the consultation, you and your attorney will have a chance to get to know each other and bond professionally if such is meant to occur. Your attorney will review the information that you give him or her. Next, your attorney will decide whether your case has potential.

Contingency Representation to Relieve Stress

An honorable attorney may offer you contingency representation if your case has extreme potential. Contingency reputation gives you a chance to relax and not stress about payments. Another name for contingency reputation is no-win-no-fee representation. If your attorney does not retrieve compensation after using several tactics, then you do not have to pay a dime. Otherwise, the attorney would receive a percentage of your claim for payment. Contingency representation is excellent for all parties because it gives the attorney extra incentive to win your case and it gives you the option to walk away with dignity if you lose.

Negotiation in a Personal Injury Case

The first strategy an attorney may try in a personal injury situation is negotiation. He or she may deal directly with the offender and try to persuade that person to settle out of court. The personal injury settlement calculator will not provide you with this figure, but suave attorneys can sometimes accomplish effective pre-court negotiations. Large corporations that cause accidents are likely to settle out of court because of a media fear. Small business owners may also settle out of court to avoid public disgrace. If your attorney is able to make something happen during the negotiation stage, then you will have your settlement quicker. Otherwise, you will have to see the offender in court and have a full-fledged hearing. You will have to choose a firm that has been in business for many years because it will have experience with personal injury cases. The law firm that you consider hiring should have a record of success that you can see. A company that has glowing statistics will probably lead you into the recovery of your funds.

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